Sydney's band Sadistik Exekution was formed in 1986 by Rok and and Dave Slave. The Rev Kriss Hades joined the band in 1990 but the incredebily raw debut (The Magus) was recorded with Sandy on guitar, either because Hades couldn't travel to Sydney or simply because the others forgot he was in the band! From then on they have grown from one of the world's premiers underground bands with a huge kult following to the undisputed most extreme band in the world - with an even bigger kult following.

They are known for hardly ever playing live, piercing their flesh onstage (guitarist Rev Kriss Hades performs with 80 pins through his skin and undertaking a constant campaign of outrageous publicity stunts and intimidation which led that people like Eronymous and Faust from Emperor were spotted with Sad Ex shirts.

In 1994 Sadistik Exekution were signed to Osmose Productions and released their second album We are death Fukk you. Early 1996 Sadistik Exekution went on their first tour through Europe and Australia with Absu and Impaled Nazerene. Those shows were some of the wildest you will ever see. Those gigs turned into circuses of debauchery featuring massive volume, appalling and sickening acts of depravity Dave Slave, Rok's insane rantings, Hades's piercing, cartoon violence and even physical attacks on the crowd were common.

After disafection with Osmose Productions, Sadistik Exekution left the label and released their following full length album K.A.O.S. locally in Australia by Shock Records. Their most spastic work ever is guaranteed to leave everyone with skid marks in their undies.

1998 was a particulary busy year for the band's members, with Dave Slave issuing a solo album under the name Digital Fiction, Rok also releasing an album of his own, Kriss Hades joining Nazxul and Sloth also working on a seperate project. Rok, Hades and Slave indicated for most of 2000 that Sadistik Exekution was no more, although this was obviously another of their whims as the band is currently rumoured to be working on another album and with an appearance at the Metal for the Brains slated for 2000. That fell through when Dave Slave broke his leg in a fight and it's now unclear, as always, what Sadistik Exekution is currently doing, although the band has announced that it is to release a new album on Osmose called FUKK in 2001.