All Sad Ex worshippers:

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Any photo, from gig to bathroom, will be fine! :)


Master Motorsåg Master Motorsåg Jacques Linssen Claumanh
Il Duce / Blaze / Francesco / Webmaster Blazing Productions
Rafy S Nuclear Holocausto of Beherit with Sadex shirt
Grimnir and Kriss Hades Rok and Toni Dutch mate Eelko kultivating his Marihuana Swedish bastard Jimmy
Johnny Death MK ULTRA BLIZZARD (of SUNN 0)))) in the morning Kev Panzergeneral Nidhug & Necrodevil
New Zeelands Fukkers!! HellBastard Eelko harvesting his Marihuana
Cat enjoying the FUKK Cd G.T. Merciless / Alexander Mojje, bandmember of Swedish  black/thrash band Destrukto Sadex fan cutting off his nose
Angeldeath / Stephen O Malley Perburbator
Maggot Man
Adnan Kapidzic roasting a dog Terror Wolfwrath Patrick de Vries
Nefarious Rev Kris Hades, Johnny Death and Rok in Essen on  26 April 1995 Lysogeny/Deadl Orifice/Robert Riff
Wardell a.k.a. necroslayer TeethGhoul P. (guitars on Watain) cutting off his nipple) Some krazy fukkers from Russia
Ultimate fukker Herve BlackGyver Niflheim Pigkiller
Billy Cole Toni Necromessiah and another Italian fukker
Artur Olszewski
M.S.T & Scars of Christicide
Waltteri Savolainen
Kain with a really strange hand!
Maggot Brent
Magot Blake